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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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VDX 6740 - trafic shaping / rate-limit



I'm trying to migrate the configurations from a Bigiron to a VDX6740 fabric.


The fact is that on the BigIron I had the possibility to set the rate-limit by entering the following commands on the interface :


rate-limit input 12578000 12582912

Unfortunately I can't find the way to do the same task on the VDX 6740 equipments.


Can someone help me please ?


Thank you !

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Re: VDX 6740 - trafic shaping / rate-limit

[ Edited ]

From Layer2 Configuration Guide:


Multicast rate limit — A typical multicast rate limiting example is where several ports carry multicast inbound traffic that is tagged with several priority values. Traffic with different priority settings is switched to different outbound ports. The multicast rate limit is set so that the total multicast traffic rate on output ports is less than the specified set rate limit. Multicast rate-limiting commands are not supported on the Brocade VDX 6740 or VDX 8770. On the latter platforms, use BUM storm control instead.

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Re: VDX 6740 - trafic shaping / rate-limit

Hi Benjamin,

You would have to use a policy-map/class/ACL construct to achieve the same.  Whilst for a simple rate limit it does look overly complicated the construct does give a great deal more flexibility than the rather simple L2 rate limit offered by BigIron.  Here is an example


ip access-list standard inbound
seq 10 permit any

class-map all_traffic
match access-group inbound
policy-map rl
class all_traffic
police cir 12578000

interface Ten 1/0/1
service-policy in rl


The committed burst size is defined differently on VDX (to the BigIron) in that it is defined as the maximum number of bytes that can be sent if the traffic hasn't been hitting the CIR for a period of time.  This helps out TCP goodput.  Trial and error may be required to see what works for you.  I have seen some rules of thumb about setting the numeric value at 10% of the CIR value.

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Re: VDX 6740 - trafic shaping / rate-limit

Hi sworrall,


Thank you for your answer, this seems to be the solution to accomplish this task. (It was easier on the BigIron..)


Have a nive day.



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