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VDX 6740 nos 4.1.3a

So I just got these VDX 6740 switches.  First time I've seen a brocade switch.  They are running NOS 4.1.3a.  Is this bad or old or something?  Should I upgrade?  How?

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Re: VDX 6740 nos 4.1.3a

Hi there,


My VDX just arrived 2 weeks ago. The vendor said it has the newest version: 4.1.3a.

They said, only the Vendor and the Vendor Partner can download the firmware.


I cannot find any link about latest release notes of VDX6740's firmware/NOS.





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Re: VDX 6740 nos 4.1.3a

4.1.3a is not the latest version. 5.0.1d is the target path for all Brocade VDX platforms. 6.x is the latest.

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Re: VDX 6740 nos 4.1.3a

if you want to upgrade the firmware, use FTP server or USB device (Only Brocade USB drive)  to upload the firmware on the switch.

Personally, i would recommend "Filezilla FTP server". 


After uploading, do the command


switch# firmware activate


and reload the switch


Complete procedure is written in the NOS Admin Guide in a detailed manner. Please refer it for more information.

Umair Khan Patel

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