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VDX 6720 LDAP Authentication

Greetings, i am somewhat new to networking and especially Brocade's NOS. We have ordered two VDX 6710's and Two VDX 6720's and have them setup in a test environment. We would like to setup LDAP Authentication on these with a few local accounts as backup. I am using the below commands with no luck in achieving this and was wondering if there is a way to specify what account the switch uses to log into the LDAP server to perform it's look-ups.

cipherset ldap

in global config mode.

ldap-server host basedn port 389 timeout 8 retries 3

ldap-server maprole group test role admin

aaa authentication login ldap local

i have searched the Network OS Administrators Guide v2.1.1 and searched the available commands on the switch itself to see if there was a way to specify a user account to log into the LDAP server with no luck. am i missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.

also, i am not familiar with any troubleshooting steps to see where any points of failure are on the switch side. any help there is also greatly appreciated.

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Re: VDX 6720 LDAP Authentication

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