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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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VDX 6.0.2a2 bug !!!!!!

do sh run int te 100/1/17
interface TenGigabitEthernet 100/1/17
 description 15B-Core/P25
 channel-group 15 mode on type standard
 lldp profile 790076-Lan
 no fabric isl enable
 no fabric trunk enable
 no shutdown


question: when i want dis lldp it show

ZX51B213-5R115_254.128(conf-if-te-100/1/17)# lldp disable
Commiting to Underlying Data Store failed



ZX51B213-5R115_254.128(config)# do sh run protocol lldp
protocol lldp
 advertise dcbx-fcoe-app-tlv
 advertise dcbx-fcoe-logical-link-tlv
 advertise dcbx-tlv
 advertise dot1-tlv
 advertise dot3-tlv
 advertise optional-tlv management-address
 advertise optional-tlv port-description
 advertise optional-tlv system-capabilities
 advertise optional-tlv system-description
 advertise optional-tlv system-name
 system-description Brocade-VDX-VCS 100
 profile 790076-Lan
  hello 60
  no advertise dcbx-fcoe-app-tlv
  no advertise dcbx-fcoe-logical-link-tlv
  no advertise dcbx-tlv


When i want remove 790076-Lan profile it show

(conf-lldp)# no profile ?
Description: The LLDP Profile table.
Possible completions:
  790076-Lan  <cr>
(conf-lldp)# no profile
% Profile does not exist



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Re: VDX 6.0.2a2 bug !!!!!!

Hello Hsu,


This sounds like a Database issue. I tested disabling LLDP on 6.0.2a2 with no issues.


The best course of action is to raise this with Brocade TAC to see how the switch ended up in this state. TAC will then raise a defect if required.




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