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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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VCS Fabric discovery in BNA

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To add VCS fabric in Brocade Network advisor


you need to add the device WWN and IP address to a file named "DeviceWWNToIPMap.txt" which is stored at below location.


C:\Program Files\Network Advisor 12.4.2\conf\discovery\ip


Follow the procedure:


1. open the file  DeviceWWNToIPMap.txt

2. add the WWN and IP address of all the switches in the VCS Fabric like in the format shown below.

3. Save the file

4. restart the BNA application.

5. Discover the VCS fabric using IP address.



For example:


# DeviceWWNToIPMap.txt
# In-Band Management IP address should be mapped to Device WWN.
# The format consists of two columns per line, separated by white space.
# Each column consists of Device WWN followed by whilte space and followed by In-band IP address
# A sample entry:
# 10:00:00:05:33:51:62:42
# Changes to this file do not require restarting the management server.


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