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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Using VCS fabrics to connect FC initiators to FCoE targets

The VCS Tech Arch Tech Brief (vcs-technical-architecture-tb.pdf), page 34 & 35, talks about establishing conectivity between FCoE initiators and FC targets. I have the opposite need (i.e. connect FCoE targets to FC initiators), and believe I need to use an edge-to-backbone topology. I believe that I can use 6510 switches as the FC backbone directly connecting FC initiators. These, in turn, will connect to VDX6730 switches, and my FCoE targets. My Dell hosts also have 10GBASE-T ports, for which I need to use VDX6740T switches. (I would like to just use 10GE CNAs in the Dell hosts to simplify everything, but unfortunately I cannot.)


Can I have ISLs from the VDX6740T switches directly with the VDX6730 switches, or do I need to plan to use a pair of VDX8770 as core switches for the VCS fabric? Thanks in advance for any guidance.



{As a separate note, the above document says on page 35 "This topology is commonly referred to as an edge-to-backbone topology. There are constraints on this configuration. Refer to the Brocade FOS scalability section in the Brocade FOS Release Notes for further guidance.". Unfortunately, when I read the scalability section of the FOS v7.2.0a release notes, it did not appear to say a thing about edge-to-backbone topology constraints.}

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Re: Using VCS fabrics to connect FC initiators to FCoE targets

The VDX 6740 and VDX 6740T switches can be connected directly by ISLs. You can have them setup as a VCS fabric. 


As for the 6510 to the VDX connection, this would require Fibre Channel Routing (FCR) setup [requires FCR license] on the 6510 switch. The port on the 6510 would be an EX port and the VDX would be an E port. You will also need to create LSAN zones on both fabrics.

Refere to the FOS Admin guide for FCR configuration steps and LSAN zoning. 


Scalability issues would depend on the size of the fabric.

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