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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1

My team just got two new VDX 6720-24 switches.  They are running 2.0.1a out of the box.

Should we bump them up to NOS 2.1.1?  What is the most stable NOS release this far?

The usual line of thinking is that NOS 2.1.1 hasn't been around long enough, but then 2.0.1a seems like a very early/immature release, too.  The issue here is two fold:  1) do not have access to the KB yet, so can't read the release notes, and 2) these need to go into production next week. <sigh!>  VCS will stay disabled for now, since we don't have time to play with it or test it.

Hopefully I'll get my KB access soon, but until then, I figured I'll come and ask the question here.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1

Hi Alex,

     If the plan is to go to VDX in the future then I would say go with 2.1.1, as lots of fabric enhancements, though I do not know if there are any L2 non fabric improvements.  But like I said if you want to use the fabric tech and I am sure you will at some point, better to upgrade now before putting in prod.



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Re: Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1


I'd go  with 2.1.1.

Don't you just hate having to rush new products :-)

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Re: Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1


I have positive and stable experiences with NOS 2.1.1 since End of December in production network.

But we are still waiting for more features and the single cluster management in NOS.



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Re: Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1

Hi Guys,

is NOS 2.1.1 already stable and public? The highest release in my portal is 2.1.0GA.


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Re: Upgrade to NOS 2.1.1

Yes. I see it in download area.

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