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Upgrade of NOS from 4 to 6?



Is the upgrade path of NOS from 4 (4.1.3b) to 6 (6.0.2) supported? I can't find any traces of v6 in the upgrade path document.


It's a pair of brand new 6470T-1Gs (one came with 4.1.3b preinstalled and another one with 5). Upgrade to 6.0.2 from 5 worked without any problems. Nothing is configured yet (they are basically standalone).


Thank you.

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Re: Upgrade of NOS from 4 to 6?

Hi Nov1c3,


By memory there isn't a direct upgrade path. If you're happy to wipe the config, you just need to specify the "default-config" option (ie firmware download default-config ....) to get it to upgrade to 6.0. If you need to maintain config you'll need to go from 4->5->6 as I belive there were some changes to the cli between NOS 4 and 5 that the installer migrates as part of the process.




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Re: Upgrade of NOS from 4 to 6?

Many thanks -- it worked! I was expecting to lose the management IP but it did retain it.

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