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Upgrade firmware VDX logical chassis mode

Hello All,


I'm tyring to upgrade the firmware of new switches we just recieved. I configured the switches in a vcs fabric, but don't know how to upgrade the firmware on them. I tried these commands:

firmware download usb directory nos6.0.1 coldboot
firmware download logical-chassis sftp user admin password ******* host rbridge-id all coldboot directory /nos6.0.1

but get this erro on bothr:

Firmware download to the target firmware version cannot preserve the configuration. Please specify the default-config option in the command-line for download.

I did:

copy running-config usb://default-config
copy running-config usb://startup-config 

I also have the firmware on the usb as well 

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Re: Upgrade firmware VDX logical chassis mode

The error message tells you that you can't upgrade from your current version to 6.0.1 while preserving your configuration. Check the Network OS Software Upgrade Guide for full details on considerations and restrictions regarding the upgrade process to 6.0.1.


You can upgrade if you add the default-config parameter to the end of your command, but keep in mind this erases your configuration!


Given that these are new (unconfigured, I assume) switches that's not a problem, so you can just go ahead and add that parameter to upgrade to NOS 6.0.1.

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Re: Upgrade firmware VDX logical chassis mode

You are upgrading from which version to which version?

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