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Upgrade VDX 6710 to NOS 4.X

Hello Forum User,


we plan to upgrade our VDX 6710 Fabric from NOS3 to NOS 4.


we heard about some things to consider.


  1. The Config of eache Switch will be adjusted automaticaly? or have we to rewrite it?
  2. Is there some best way to Upgrade? we don´t find a how to document to download.


If someone have experience in updating to NOS 4 how much time we have to plan with?


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Re: Upgrade VDX 6710 to NOS 4.X

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we've done that. I think the config depends on the VCS Fabric (size) and Logical Chassis. Some config parts getting configured global and some config is local. As Example : Global is the ntp, snmp, logging, L2 Vlans, Portchannels ... local is the interface config. If you found out how it works you have to reconfigure your fabric. If you don't use logical chassis it is like before - each switch has local config. 


Every 6710 needs up to 20 Mins to fully sw-upgrade. Then you vcs config needs to be deployed, at last the global and local switchconfig (with LC on the master - w/o on each switch) . So it depends on the size of the fabric to find our how long it will take. Copy the old config in script files for the new makes it easy.



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