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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Unified Fabric Managment from CLI

Hi Guys,

Here is an idea for a product improvement in the VDX/Fabric platform.  The idea of having a single fabric throughtout the switches is very nice.  I would like to see this extended towards the command line managment of the equipment. 

Example a four node Fabic:

Switch 100 = 6720 = IP Addr

Switch 101 = 6720 = IP Addr10.0.0.101

Switch 102 = 6710 = IP Addr10.0.0.102

Switch 103 = 6710 = IP Addr10.0.0.103

Right now when I connect into switch 100, I see all of the interfaces as:

ten 100/0/1

ten 100/0/2

ten 100/0/3

I can manually connect into switch 101 and see of the interfaces on that unit.  I cannot however manage the interfaces across multple units from the master unit.  The interfaces on each unit are already isolated into the unique naming convention with the RBridge ID number at included in the interface.  Creating a port-channel would also be much easier.  Create the port-channel and have it show up across all the units - that would be very nice.

What do you think?

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Re: Unified Fabric Managment from CLI


Well, when we first acquiered our VDX gear, we thought it was already there. We were so disappointed to discover the opposite...

Since then, our SE confirmed this will be part of release 4.0 of NOS, sometine next this summer (June - July).

Looking forwards to it


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Re: Unified Fabric Managment from CLI

I am in the process of discussing this with the Product Management team to see if i can get some additional information on this . I will let you know what i find as soon as i can .

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