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Unable to telnet or SSH to VDX 6740 - NOS 5.0.1a

I've just deployed a couple of VDX 6740s and upgraded the software to 5.0.1a.  However, I am unable to sucessfully get in-band management working (using a publicly assigned address on a VE interface) - I can ping the address, but telnet and SSH refuses the connection immediately as if the service isn't running.  A 'show ssh servers status rbridge-id all' and 'show telnet server status rbridge-id all' show both services enabled on both switches.  


I have another VDX fabric elsewhere in our network running 4.1 which is working fine and I can't see the difference.  I thought it might have been my ACL which I've applied to the VE interface, but even when I remove the ACL from the interface it still doesn't work.  In fact, if I have the ACL applied and try to connect from a non-allowed IP address, it times out rather than gets a connection refused which indicates the ACL is doing its job.


Are there any differences in 5.x software that might affect what I'm trying to do?


Thanks in advance,

Mark J.


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Re: Unable to telnet or SSH to VDX 6740 - NOS 5.0.1a

Never mind.  Just after I posted this I saw the same question recently asked by someone else.  The answer is with the mgmt-vrf configuration requirement for in-band management.  Not looking forward to upgrading to 5.0 on the live switches now.




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Re: Unable to telnet or SSH to VDX 6740 - NOS 5.0.1a

So, I got around this by plugging in the management interface to the vlan that I want to manage from and then assigning the management port an IP address in that VLAN.


Kind of a pain and ties up an extra port, but it is more secure.

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