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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Too many Lli error

Hi I am trying to determine what could be the problem on this one. Could that be HBA itself?



FC Fastwrite: OFF
Interrupts: 0 Link_failure: 0 Frjt: 0
Unknown: 0 Loss_of_sync: 0 Fbsy: 0
Lli: 537062 Loss_of_sig: 0
Proc_rqrd: 0 Protocol_err: 0
Timed_out: 0 Invalid_word: 0
Rx_flushed: 0 Invalid_crc: 0
Tx_unavail: 0 Delim_err: 0
Free_buffer: 0 Address_err: 0
Overrun: 0 Lr_in: 0
Suspended: 0 Lr_out: 0
Parity_err: 0 Ols_in: 0
2_parity_err: 0 Ols_out: 0

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Re: Too many Lli error

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Registered: ‎10-06-2015

Re: Too many Lli error

Thank you so much. Although I am still trying to figure it out what was wrong with the error message, but, yes, that is the document I am looking for. 



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