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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Standby MAC address from ICX 7750- stack is showing up in MAC address table on VDX Stack

I have 2 ICX 7750 stack using ports 1/2/5 & 1/26 and 2/2/5 and 2/2/6 connected to a VDX stack of 4 switches



HEre is a Shjow Stack from the 7750's



T=33d16h49m54.2: alone: standalone, D: dynamic cfg, S: static
ID Type Role Mac Address Pri State Comment
1 S ICX7750-48XGF active cc4e.246d.7600 128 local Ready
2 S ICX7750-48XGF standby cc4e.246d.7700 0 remote Ready

standby active
+---+ +---+
| 2 |2/1==2/1| 1 |
+---+ +---+
Standby u2 - protocols ready, can failover
Current stack management MAC is cc4e.246d.7600



The problem I am having is when I look at the MAC Address table on my VDX i See both the active and the standby MAC Address in my table.


Here is a screen shoot


VDX01-2nd-Floor# sh mac | i 246d
18 cc4e.246d.7600 Dynamic Remote Po 18 - This is the Active ICX 7750 that should be appearing
18 cc4e.246d.7700 Dynamic Remote Po 18 - This is the Standby MAC address that should NOT be appearing


You can verify form the earlier config with the " SHOW STACK"




I do not see the .7700 MAC address on any other LAG's which i have a total of 7 others. Diffeference being that that are all ICX switches.



The real problem is that some of my devices connected to the VDX ports are trying to reply to the 7700 Address and fail


I have used Wireshark to confirm this and cannot explain why it is happening.



I have tried both Static and Dynamic LAG's between the ICX 7750 and the VDX's

I have dropped the Connection to a single port between the devices

I have tried connecting to only the Physical ICX7750 with the active MAC 7600

I have confirmed from other switches that the .7700 MAC is not traveling down the other 7 LAG's


All changes make no differnce




The NOS on the VDX's is


Thanks is advance for your help or even your 2 cents!




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