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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Registered: ‎05-24-2010

RHEL 6.1 Kernel Panic - failure at 488

New Installation of RHEL 6.1

Updated firmware and BIOS on 10Gb CNA to  via "live_cd_v3-0-0-0.iso" boot.   RHEL installation went ok. It detected the adapter, did the installation and everyting looked ok.  Only issue is once it boots, and starts the load of the initrd I get the following kernel dump.

<attached image reflects typed out error below>


LOG Firmware heartbeat failure at 488

LOG bfa panic: ../../../src/boot/bios/common/bhi/bioc.c:1174: 0

-AX- -BX- -CX- -DX- -DS- -SI- -CS- -ES- :-DI- -SS- :-SP- -ES- :-BP-

0000 18C1 0000 185C 9B00 01E8 CB00 9B00 :2B26 9B00 :052E 9B00 :0530

Entering debug mode

DS :  9B00 Global data structure 0009DCC0

bfad 1/0 BAR C9FC0000 bfad addr 0009DFC0

bfad 1/1 BAR C9F40000 bfad addr 0009E09F

Format (in hex) : <linear addr>


Any input and direction would be appreciated.


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