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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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QoS marking

Hi Experts...

I am new to brocade hardware and have a 1 question to fire...

We have 2 VDX 6720 in Fabric which is also connected to cisco 6509 as trunk. I have marked the qos DSCP on cisco and I want VDX's to trust these marking ...

Please can you help me on this issue... on cisco side I have done the bit on which the vlan is passing ...but when it come the VDX I dont know how to trust DSCP ...

Your ASAP help would be highly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Re: QoS marking

Faisal ,

Have you seen the " Configuring DSCP trust mode " section in the NOS User Manual Guide ? It lists all the commands you need to trust the  DSCP values on the VDX product line .

Hope this helps .


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