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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Policy-based routing possible with VDX 8770?

I've been using PBRs on both an old BI-RX16 and newer MLXe-8 to rewrite the next hop on traffic coming from private subnets of HPC clusters to multiple dedicated NAT hosts with success. Essentially this boils down to ACLs such as the following:

  access-list 121 deny ip <private subnet> <statically routed subnets in our datacenter>

  ... (etc) ...

  access-list 121 permit ip <private subnet> any

followed by route maps such as the following:

  route-map redpriv permit 1

   match ip address 121

   set ip next-hop <NAT host>

and finally applying that route-map to ve interfaces as appropriate. This means any traffic from our private HPC clusters destined for things explicitly denied in the ACLs get routed via the static routes, while everything not explicitly denied gets rewritten to NAT hosts.

Now for the question - We're retiring an old Force10 e1200 at a remote datacenter (which does this same PBR trickery) and I'm trying to figure out if this same type of PBR can be accomplished with the Brocade VDX series, 8770 in particular. I see mention of route-maps and "set ip next-hop" in the Network OS v4.0.0 Command Reference guide, but it isn't crystal clear to me whether my existing setup can be accomplished in the current VDX NOS.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I realize the VDX series isn't exactly 'comparable' with an e1200, but I'm hoping a VDX 8770 can serve as the core at this remote datacenter as our needs are fairly simple (HPC environment). Eventually we'd build out a fabric for the next cluster, but ... first things first!

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Re: Policy-based routing possible with VDX 8770?

PBR will be supported in the later version of NOS on the VDX platforms . 

I will try to get some more details on what the timeframe might be and exactly which VDX platforms .

Will update the thread once i do .


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Re: Policy-based routing possible with VDX 8770?

Early 2014 is the estimated time frame for the NOS release to support PBR .

Please keep in mind that release dates are subject to change .

Once we are closer to the release date i will try my best to send you a reminder by updating this thread ! I just need to remember to do so .



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