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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Please help with RADIUS Authentication - VDX 6740 switches

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I am trying to configure RADIUS on VDX 6740 switches, we have 12 switches in a vcs fabric. The problem is there is no profile for Brocade switches on JUNIPER RADIUS server.


For ICX switches we have used profile "FOUNDRY"

but it doesn't work for VDX.



Please reply if you have any solution.

Umair Khan Patel
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Re: Please help with RADIUS Authentication - VDX 6740 switches

I'm not familiar with Juniper's RADIUS server, but it should work. Especially, for basic authentication. The VDX will work with just a simple RADIUS server policy (no vendor specific attributes). I have it working with Windows Network Policy Server (NPS). Have you tried creating a basic policy from scratch? Does the Juniper RADIUS server have a log that might indicate why it is failing?

Jacob Bartlett

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