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Pinging on a VDX

New to the VDX platform, so sorry in advance for the ignorance.

In trying to test the integrity of the hardware, I disabled vcs, reloaded, and put an ip address on vlan 1 to test the ports.

Then I was a little surprised to find that the "ping" command wasn't available.  Troubleshooting and network command guide both suggest this shouldn't be the case.  I'm hoping I've just missed something.

I did enable the chassis and set T 0/1 to switchport mode.  Obviously I'm a little lost.  Can anyone help?

Below is info that might be relevant.  Thanks in advance.

sw0# sho lic

Switch id: 1


        First Ports on Demand license - additional 10 port upgrade license

        Feature name:PORTS_ON_DEMAND_1


        Second Ports on Demand license - additional 10 port upgrade license

        Feature name:PORTS_ON_DEMAND_2

sw0# sho vcs

state      : Disabled

sw0# sho run

logging switchid 1

raslog console INFO


switch-attributes 1

chassis-name VDX6720-60

host-name sw0


support switchid 1



snmp-server contact "Field Support."

snmp-server location "End User Premise."

snmp-server community ConvergedNetwork


snmp-server community OrigEquipMfr



snmp-server community "Secret C0de"



snmp-server community common


snmp-server community private



snmp-server community public


interface Vlan 1

ip proxy-arp

ip address

  no shutdown

port-profile default



  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk allowed vlan all



port-profile default

interface Management 1/0

no ip address dhcp

ip address ""

ip gateway-address

ipv6 address ""

no ipv6 address autoconfig


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