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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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OpenFlow MPLS and VDXes

Hello everyone!

Is there any chance to see future implementation of L2 inter-datacenter connectivity (probably by exploiting OpenFlow) on VDX machines? At least, it would be nice to have such feature in VDX8770 machines. Currently, Brocade provides L2 inter-datacentre connectivity with MLXe machines. This makes Brocade multi-datacentre solutions quite expensive comparing to those built with Cisco Nexus 77xx, because in Brocade solution we have to add MLXe machines (indeed cool) atop of VDX ethernet 8770+67xx fabric just to be able to interconnet datacentres, while in Cisco solution we don't have to buy ASR9000 or something like that.

Just to make clear what kind of feature implementation I am talking about, visit this link


Thank you!

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Re: OpenFlow MPLS and VDXes

Greetings alexey.ternovsky... i think the best way to reply to your scenario/inquiry is just to say... exciting things will be occurring/coming in the next year...


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Re: OpenFlow MPLS and VDXes

Hello Mike,


Long time no see... Could you please tell us more about it ?


I'm supposed to have a meeting with my local SE about strategy and R&D, any subject I should mention to him before D day so that he can internally for some material ?


Thank you.

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Re: OpenFlow MPLS and VDXes

If you need a go between, you might look at the CES\CER platform which also do MPLS and are OpenFlow capable, far more affordable than the MLX line, available today and shares the same code base as the MLX.

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