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No tag native-vlan and switchport mode private-vlan trunk

Another private VLAN conundrum I'm facing.


We are setting up some ESX hosts on our VDX 6740 fabric with QLogic 3400 Intelligent Ethernet Adapters.  Our ESX management address is configured on an untagged network connection and uses VLAN 112 for this management network.  To get this to work on the switches so that VM traffic is going over the same switchport, the switchports are configured like this:-


RB01# show run int ten 1/0/29
interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/0/29
mtu 9216
fabric isl enable
fabric trunk enable
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan all
no switchport trunk tag native-vlan
switchport trunk native-vlan 112
spanning-tree shutdown
no shutdown


The issue I face is that I need to get private VLANs to be accessible within ESX.  After some discussion with Brocade support, we now know that the switchports need to be configured as "switchport mode private-vlan trunk" and we've done this in a different environment where we have separate physical NICs for our management and VM traffic.  However, when using these QLogic adapters with multiple virtual adapters on the one physical port, while I can put the port in private-vlan trunk mode and configure a private-vlan trunk native vlan of 112, I cannot set the "no switchport trunk tag native-vlan" option that I need to set when in trunk mode and my ESX management address is unreachable.


Is there some way I can get untagged vlan 112 packets along with tagged vlan and private-vlan packets on the same physical switchport, or is my only option to change my ESX management interface to be on a tagged vlan 112 connection rather than an untagged interface?


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Re: No tag native-vlan and switchport mode private-vlan trunk

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VDX1(config-Port-channel-3)# switchport trunk native-vlan?
Possible completions:
native-vlan Set the native VLAN characteristics of the Layer2 trunk interface for classifying untagged
native-vlan-untagged Set the interface to accept only untagged native-vlan traffic on ingress and untagged
native-vlan traffic on egress.
native-vlan-xtagged Set the interface to accept tagged|untagged native-vlan traffic on ingress and egress as
specified by the user.


try native-vlan-xtagged?

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