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No FCoE devices logged on DCX FCoE Blade after 6.4.1 to 7.0.0c upgrade

Hi Folks,

Our lab dual lab DCX switches with FCoE 10/24 blades and dual Brocade 2408's

were upgraded from V6.4.1 to V7.0.0c and now I have noticed all of the CNA's and storage arrays are

not logged in to any FCoE ports anymore. The startup/running-config's look fine, ethernet is enabled on

all four switches. Nothing in 7.0.0c release notes mentions any issues. Has anyone seen this issue?

I have tried slotpoweroff/on on DCX FCoE blades.

DCX-FabB-SW37:admin> fcoe --loginshow
No device logged in

Attached picture below are what I used to have logged in on DCX FCoE blades.


Bob MacLean

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Re: No FCoE devices logged on DCX FCoE Blade after 6.4.1 to 7.0.0c upgrade


i work a couple of tim ewith FCoE Switches, and got similary error.

In my case the Enabled Port was not configured for fcoelogincfg.

Try "fcoelogincfg --show" list if any config is available and the Port is logged correct to any Devices.


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