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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Need help with RADIUS (Win2k8 & FastIron WS 648G Switch)

Dear support of Brocade,

I have a question about the working of RADIUS (Win2k8) with the combination of the FastIron WS 648G Switch.

We have RADIUS working on the switch, but we can’t find a way to give users privileges.
This is bad because we don’t want that all our staff have the opportunity to log on the switch and configure things.

There are 3 valid privileges (brocade privilege level 0,4,5), we try to use them in the Vendor-Specific Attributes ( attribute number 26 on RADIUS ).
Even try'd "User / Admin" (as seen in the screenshots ) and other properties, but none of them seems to work. The vendor-code that we used is 1588.

We used Wireshark to see what information was send to the switch. It is possible because we use PAP instead of CHAP.
The vendor code seems to be correct but all other attributes where unknown.

Our question is, where is our problem ? Is it at the switch side or the Windows wk8 server side.
if it's the switch side, what are we doing wrong ? We are aware of your great FastIron Config Guide and it helps us a lot,
but we couldn’t find the answer in there.

My apology's if i forgot to post some relevant information,

Best regards,


Edit : We use firmware version : 07.2.00

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Re: Need help with RADIUS (Win2k8 & FastIron WS 648G Switch)

May I suggest you post this question to the "Ethernet Switches and Routers" forum.  That forum includes folks using the FastIron products.  This forum is devoted to the newly released VDX data center switches and VCS Fabric technology.

Here is a link to that forum.

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Re: Need help with RADIUS (Win2k8 & FastIron WS 648G Switch)

Thank you Brook.Reams for your time, i will post the question there.

Link to new topic :

With regards


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