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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Logical chassis cluster mode question



VDX6470T-1G running NOS 6.0.2.


Am I right in understanding that in a logical chassis cluster mode whatever changes I perform to the local/global configuration are replicated to all members, hence 'copy run start' is no longer possible/needed?


Does it mean that in case of power cycle of one of the members it will get the config from the principal node? Where does the principal get the config in case of restart?  Will it get from one of the members that will become principal?


Thank you.

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Re: Logical chassis cluster mode question

When in Logical Chassis Mode (LCM), all members have a copy of the config, but changes can only be made on the Principal Switch. When a change is made, it is instantly saved, so you are correct that there is no longer a need for "copy run start" (not supported).


If a node is power cycled, it will use its own copy of the config to configure itself and will attempt to rejoin the fabric. At that time, the Principal will determine whether the restarting node has an identical copy of the config. If it has then all is well, if not then the restarting node is barred from rejoining. The same is true if the restarting node is the original Principal because the rest of the fabric will have elected a new Principal in its absence. Once the original Principal rejoins, it may/ may not become the Principal again depending on settings.



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