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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Link Init Fails - Only in BIOS


We have a few machines with 1020 CNAs in them running 3.1 firmware.  Trying to setup Boot From SAN, althought he systems are already working on the fabric just fine (just booting locally.  When the systems are up and running (both linux and VMware), we see all the correct targets, and LUNs and such, so I am confident the switch config, zoning, speed, cables are fine - its all been great for over a year.

When we go into the adapter BIOS tool to configure this, it claims link init has failed, and indeed, on the switches we show link down.  When we try to boot the systems, the BIOS gives us "No target devices found or link down".  The trouble shooting manual basically tells us to check the zoning etc.  Which I'm sure is correct given that when I reboot the system into Linux or the bcucli LiveCD or VMware ESXi, we see all the targets just fine and the switch shows link up.

TL;DR: Link down, but only from the BIOS, not when running an OS.  Preventing boot from SAN.

Any ideas?

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Re: Link Init Fails - Only in BIOS

To add a little more info, I've confirm that the switch config seems to be right:

interface Ethernet1/3

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 2,32,132

  spanning-tree port type edge trunk

(vlans 2 and 132 are my IP VLANs, VLAN32 is the one associated with the relevant VSAN32).

This almost feels like a portfast issue, because when the host comes up via an OS, it takes about 30-45s for the flogi to complete, but it doesn't appear the BIOS waits that long.  But, I have portfast on for those ports (see the spanning tree command above).

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