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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Registered: ‎06-21-2012

LLDP not claiming FCoE support after upgrade to 7.x

Upgraded my 8000 switch to v7.0.1a from v6.4.0.  After upgrade, my AIX host is no longer seen in the name server and thus does not see any targets. 

I placed an Ethernet analyzer on there and captured good (v6.4.0) and bad (v7.0.1a) traces.  One difference I see is in the LLDP frame sent from the switch.

In the good trace, the switch initially sends out the LLDP frame without mentioning FCoE (0x8906).  But after receiving an LLDP frame from the host, it sends out an LLDP frame claiming support for FCoE.

In the bad trace, the switch never sends out an LLDP frame mentioning support for FCoE.  Thus the host never initiates the FIP process.

Anyone know what may have changed between 6.4 and 7.0 that would prevent the switch from sending out the LLDP formatted with FCoE support?

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