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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Interface port-channel 2 is link down

On Brocade VDX 6740  I got an error "Interface port-channel 2 is link down"  as one of the interfaces in the port-channel went down. Does the error mean that port-channel as a whole is down or just one of the link/interface is down?


If it means port-channel is down, why would a port-channel go down if only one of link is down when other links/interfaces are still up?



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Re: Interface port-channel 2 is link down



If you have two or more VDX switches forming a port channel this then becomes a vLAG


If you are looking at the log of an individual VDX switch when an interface goes down which is a member of a vLAG and this is the only member interafce on that switch then you will see message to say that the physical interface and the port-channel interface are down.  This only means that the local interface and member of the port channel is down.  This does not mean that the whole port-channel (vLAG) is down


If you look at the log of the other switch you should also see a message something like the following:


RBridge ID xx has left Port-channel xx. Port-channel has only RBridge ID xx and is no longer a vLAG.


Hope this helps




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