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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Interconnecting VDX with ICX (possible loop)?



Two VDXs (in fabric) with two ICXs iterconnected over LAGs (schema is attached).  R/STP is turned off everywhere.


Am I right in understanding that interconnecting VDXB with ICXB over orange line will create a loop? What is going to happen with the orange LAG then? Will it be shut down as long as the LAG between ICXA and ICXB is up?


Thank you.

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Re: Interconnecting VDX with ICX (possible loop)?



Assuming that the same VLAN(s) are configured on all of the interfaces then the diagram you have included would indeed result in a layer 2 loop.


It is most likely that all LAGs will be formed OK and that loop will be created without any loop prevention mechanism.


So a loop prevention mechanism (STP, RTSP etc.) would be required to ensure that a loop free topology was formed




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Re: Interconnecting VDX with ICX (possible loop)?

Assuming VDXa and VDXb are in the same core location, I would recomend you remove the LAG between ICXa and ICXb and change the LAG from the ICX to VDX switches to be LACP MLAGs (multi-chassis) between both VDX switches.


Thats what we do in our datacenter and allows the network to survive a core VDX switch failure or software upgrade. I have attached an example from my docs.

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