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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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I have an urgent problem with ADX Brocade

I am working at a Data Center and facing with a problem with Brocade ADX- VM (Image name: SSR03000 3.0.00T001), all of the servers are capable connecting via ADX except two severs with SSl ports have high latency when they connected through ADX Brocade. This latency is over 15 seconds until the servers can able connect each other. The other matter is, whether one or several connection is/are built between these two servers, all of the response comes back in the same time. In the other word, when the connections are built every 2 seconds, all of them backs in the same time when the time receives to 15 sec. The key point is, there is not any problem when we replaces brocade load balancer with the other brand (e.g. Zen). 

This problem brings us critical issue and although spending hard time for troubleshooting, we cannot able to fix the problem. Please advise us about this problem.Thank you

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