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How to send traffic through every port on a layer 3 switch at once?

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I want to send traffic from my IXIA box into the switch and set up loopbacks throughout the switch so that i can have traffic going through the entire switch. the last port will go back to my ixia box. On another switch I have I accomplish this by having pairs of ports on separate VLANs. for example,


VLAN 2 is assigned ports 1 & 2

VLAN 3 is assigned ports 3 & 4

Tengig ethernet connects IXIA and port 1

Tengig ethernet connects ports 2 and 3

Tengig ethernet connects IXIA and port 4


this works on other switches but i am not allowed to assign ports 2 and 3 to a VLAN unless i shut them down, and when i do no shutdown theyre off their VLANs


please help

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