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How to remove an offline node from vcs logical chassis



The following are show vcs result:


RB1# sh vcs
Config Mode    : Distributed
VCS Mode       : Logical Chassis
VCS ID         : 1
VCS GUID       : e74fb10d-41e2-4dda-8ee2-7e64223aac76
Total Number of Nodes           : 3
Rbridge-Id       WWN                            Management IP   VCS Status       Fabric Status        HostNa
1                10:00:50:EB:1A:34:D2:8A*         Online           Online               RB1
2               >10:00:50:EB:1A:27:63:DD         Online           Online               RB2
3                10:00:00:05:33:D0:12:4E         Offline          Unknown              RB3


the RB3 has been taken offline with non-normal procedure (eg, disconnect power and cable directly ),

how to remove  the  RB3 from vcs fabric ?


Many thanks !


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Re: How to remove an offline node from vcs logical chassis



no vcs enable rbridge-id 3


Note: If you wanted to remove an switch from the fabric in logical-chassis mode that is connected to the fabric (online), run the following command first. It will then offline the etherfabric switch, then you will run the command above afterwards to completely remove it from the configuration.


no vcs logical-chassis enable rbridge-id 3 default-config

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Re: How to remove an offline node from vcs logical chassis

f the no vcs logical-chassis enable rbridge-id <rbridge-id | all> default-config command is executed on a switch that is currently in logical chassis cluster mode, the switch boots in fabric cluster mode. The following is example:
no vcs logical-chassis enable rbridge-id 239 default-config
Once the node is converted to fabric cluster mode, the Rbridge goes into offline state from the original cluster. To remove the configuration of the node, you must enter the no vcs enable rbridge-id rbridge-id command, as shown in the following example:
no vcs enable rbridge-id 239

Once the node is removed, all configurations corresponding to that node are removed from the cluster configuration database. Similarly, the removed node does not retain any configurations corresponding to the other nodes in the cluster.




Refer this article for more details

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