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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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How to VDX VTEP without NSX Controller?



I am trying to setup a VTEP topology in a VDX environment without having a NSX controller?


VDX VTEP integration in NSX is only possible when a customer is using the NSX Multi-Hypervisor (MH) model.

But I have no customer using or planing for NSX-MH but all are planing for NSX-V (vSphere) model.

But hardware VTEPs only understand OVSDB which is only NSX-MH able to talk.


But I have the idea to use VDX hardware VTEPs for tunneling L2 traffic across L3 infrastructure by VXLAN encapsulation.


But the VDX VTEPs need to be able to learn and resolve (remote) MAC addresses behind other VDX VTEPs.


How could this be achieved without having a NSX-MH controller?

Is there any Multicast communication mode between VDX VTEPs available for this?

Or is there any static VETP neighborship configuration available for this?


I know techniques with other vendors doing this without NSX-MH controller and without multicast.


Has anybody experience or knowledge on this?

Is anybody from brocade in here and aware of such a way?


Thank you very much,








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Re: How to VDX VTEP without NSX Controller?

You probably found it by now, but for those that are looking for the same, check out the Brocade VCS VF Extension Deployment Guide.


For completeness, the Brocade VCS Gateway for VMware NSX Deployment Guide for using VDX VTEP with NSX can be found here.

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