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Host Connectivity Manager Deamon on Linux

Did an installation of Host Connectivity Manager on my RHEL 5.5 box. It installed without error even put the icon on the GNOME desktop.

But when I launch HCM and login it can not connect to 'localhost"

Poked around in /etc/rc.d/init.d   to find what deamon/service was instaleld as part of the brocade agent installation. I did not see anything that said brocade, HCM or anything that I did not recognize.


1) What is the service that is installed on the host for HCM?

2) What TCP ports does it need and use such that I can point at it remotly via HCM on a single /centralized host?

3) I assume I can plug these hosts, running the agent into the new Brocade Network Manager and manage all the hosts via that tool. Is that correct?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Host Connectivity Manager Deamon on Linux

It appears that the installer does not build the /opt/brocade/adapter  directory

I downloaed the very latest version fo the driver


I removed the installation

Remove Brocade Host Connectivity Agent Installation

# rm -rf /opt/brocade/

# rm -rf /var/log/brocade/

Reinstallation of software:


# brocade_adapter_software_installer_linux_v2-3-0-2.bin


# ls /opt/brocade/adapter/
Brocade-hcm.spec                   hcm_48x48.png                      linux/                             UninstallBrocade Adapter Software/
client/                            info                     
complete_supportsave               jre/                     
# ls /opt/brocade/adapter/

Log files from /var/log/brocade  attached.

Any thoughts why no /opt/brocade/adapter/agent  directory?

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