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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Four perspectives on FCoE

While sitting in sessions here at SNW, I've noticed that people are discussing FCoE from many different perspectives.  Here are four that I've heard:

First, there are some who are presenting FCoE as being traditional Fibre Channel with just a new transport.  The basic rules remain the same, but there are some possiblities for sharing transport and lower network layers with other peer protocols like IP as long as they will not interfere with storage traffic.

The second angle takes the perspective that FCoE is just another Ethertype that will have to be handled on the network.  There will be enhancements to Ethernet to allow this new type of traffic to be handled according to the rules it requires, but other than that, it could be any other higher level protocol.

The third perspective takes the view that this is a game changer.  There will have to be significant organizational and management changes made if this technology is to be adopted.  The barriers between the storage and networking camps will have to be torn down - at least up to the point of divergence between IP and FC traffic, and new data center competency groups will have to be established to manage this converged section of the network

A fourth position says, at least at this point, "No, thank you."  They agree that they will be watching the development of FCoE, but their plans do not include its adoption at this point.  They will stay with Fibre Channel, since as was shown at this conference, it has a long, rich development roadmap ahead of it.

Are you represented by one of these views?  Where do you stand on all of this?

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