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Firmware update for VDX6740

I'm trying to update a pair of VDX6740's in logical chassis mode from NOS 4.0.1 to 6.0.1 in the least disruptive way I can see.


It seems that an ugrade path via 4.1.x and 5.0.x seems to be the correct way but I am failing at the first hurdle.


I have downloaded 4.1.3b and expanded (tar -zxvf) to an FTP server


I can access the files without issue from another host without problem


The manual says use the following command (with corrected values obviously)


switch# firmware download logical-chassis protocol ftp host user fvt password brocade directory /dist/nos/4.0.0bld01 file release.plist rbridge-id all

but the file 'release.plist' doesn't exist in the root of the expanded .qz file, only in a number of subfolders of the form SWBDxxxx.  Setting the 'directory' value to any of these gives me a failed sanity check 

"The server is inaccessible or firmware path is invalid. Please make sure the server name or IP address, the user/password and the firmware path are valid."


i also found (in the forums) that the following could be used


switch# firmware download logical-chassis ftp host user auser pass apass rb all directory /nos/nos4.1.3b/


This has the same result.


What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Firmware update for VDX6740


Try without the 'file' command.


firmware download logical-chassis protocol ftp host user fvt password brocade directory /dist/nos/4.0.0bld01 rbridge-id all


This will probably throw you a error relating to ISSU not being supported as you are upgrading major versions.


I think you need to use the manual command.


firmware download ftp manual host password brocade user fvt directory /dist/nos/x.x.x

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Re: Firmware update for VDX6740

Please confirm it from Brocade support that is it possible to upgrade directly from NOS 4.0.1 to 6.0.1, because i think its not possible.

Umair Khan Patel

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