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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Fabric-Virtual-Gateway question .....

In nos-701-l3guide Fabric-Virtual-Gateway chapter that told

The ARP responder normally routes the traffic. Once the load balancing threshold priority value is exceeded, the device in the
network routes the traffic along with the ARP responder.


Above sentence told ARP Responder response route traffic so why it has load balancinf method.

load balancing threshold priority value is exceeded i can't understand that threshold prioity value which condition it will exceeded ?        

Load balancing for the gateway virtual MAC address is enabled by default. However, you can disable load balancing.
Load balancing behavior can be controlled on a per-session basis.


Above sentence per-session i really don't understand if Global VE configuration (FVG)

 load-balancing-disable then what will happen IF this FVG has too many node and each node have attach that gateway.

Did there are any command can be know the packet flow quantity.


I can't understand if under eveny node i setup different value on same VE  then what will happen ?

 ex: RB x1

       ip mtu 9018

       load-bal threhsold-pri 150


RB x3

       ip mtu 8018

       load-bal threhsold-pri 200





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