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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Fabric Design

I have read the beasic Design documents on Brocade's site, but none really explain the why or how.  I have designed a new data center with a VDX  fabric. Upstream, I connect it to a Cisco  core.  Downstream, I have HP Blade Chassis Cisco switches, VMware servers and an ICX stack.  The ICX stack has management connections for ILO ports and other such connections.  I connect all of my campus-wide services to the VDX fabric, such as VPN, DNS/DHCP, Wireless Controller.  I was informed that I should not connect my core services to the fabric.  Can anyone give me some guidance?  I don't understand why I should not connect those core core services to the fabric?  Should I connect the ICX stack directly to the core instead of through the VDX fabric?  Any hgelp is greatly appreciated.

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