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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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FCoE SAN for Media and Entertainment

Hello forum members:

I'm the engineer at a small but growing post production facility and it has come time for us to deploy a SAN. I'm trying to use FCoE for the SAN because it seems like the right technology to use. However, I've gotten some push back from other vendors regarding FCoE... long story short it seems that people don't think FCoE is 'ready' for a high-performance SAN.

We're small enough that one VDX6730 will get us started (and I love the VCS fabric for expansion, 10Gb ISLs with no configuration!). I'd use 4 of the 8Gb FC ports on the VDX to connect directly to our inital SAN chassis. We've already got Brocade 1020's on hand for our Windows/Linux hosts, and we're going to use the ATTO FastFrame CNA's for the Mac hosts.

My questions boil down to two main points: capabilities and interoperability:

1: Can the VDX6730 do what we want right now? The Brocade web page seems to indicate that the FC ports aren't active yet pending a future software release. Assuming the FC ports are active, can we expect full bandwith between the 10GbE ports and the 8GbFC ports? We don't need sophisticated zoning at this time, but what is the state of FC zoning on the VDX software?

2: Interoperability: I assume the 1020 CNAs will work with the VDX, but does anyone have any experience with the ATTO cards? Other CNAs? Any experience connecting SAN chasis directly to the VDX6730, do they 'just work'?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!


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Re: FCoE SAN for Media and Entertainment

Well like you already said, if the vdx6730 doesn't have active FC ports yet to service your storage chassis, I would look for another product like the Brocade 8000. It doesn't have as high a portcount (only 24 DCB ports) as the vdx6730, but is has its FC ports enabled with the right license.

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Re: FCoE SAN for Media and Entertainment

The FC ports on the 6730 are enabled with NOS 2.1.1 (released in Dec) for connecting to FC SAN switches. See

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Re: FCoE SAN for Media and Entertainment

Hi Icaywood,

--->>>...with NOS 2.1.1 (released in Dec)....

Only 2.1.0 ( and early rel. ) are available for Download.

Is 2.1.1 already GA ? and why is not listed in Download ?


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