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FCOE setup on VDX6740


   I currently manage DCX based  Brocade directors. We are getting a VDX6740 switch to connect some servers to greenplum using FCOE. I don't have any experience with the VDX switches or FCOE for that matter. Can someone briefly list some of the steps that I will need to follow to properly configure the switch and be able to setup FCOE on it. Any help in this matter will be really appreciated.





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Re: FCOE setup on VDX6740



1. Make sure you have FCOE license installed on 6740 switch. 

2. You have to configure "fcoeport default" on ports your host is connected to :

interface TenGigabitEthernet 102/3/10
fabric isl enable
fabric trunk enable
fcoeport default
no shutdown

3. you can verify if the device is logged in by chekcing through :

show fcoe login
FCOE-Port Eth-port Device WWN Device MAC Session MAC

The abover command shows the devive's eth port and wwn .


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