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Do any brocade products use OpenSSL

Not sure if I am opening this in the right location. Does anyone know if Brocade uses OpenSSL and if so what versions. I know other vendors have multiple Product Lines affected by the most recent OpenSSL Vulnerability (heart bleed). I am just trying to determine if my new brocade switches are also Vulnerable. Any info or links to documentation are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Do any brocade products use OpenSSL

Brocade’s family of IP products ADX, FCX, ICX, MLX, MLX-E, XMR CES, CER, RX, SX, VDX offering ServerIron, FastIron, NetIron, RX, Network OS, Brocade Network Advisor, Vyatta and vADX software and SAN products offering FOS software do not make use of the heartbeat extensions and hence are not vulnerable to the exploit documented in CVE-2014-0160.

In addition, the  web site does not use OpenSSL and is not vulnerable to this issue.

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