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Disable telnet on a VDX6740


 I am trying to disable telnet server on a VDX6740. I have tried to shutdown telnet server in global configuration under the rbridge. Here is the output form show command.


#show running-config rbridge-id telnet server

rbridge-id 1

 telnet server shutdown



However I can still telnet to the switch.  When I run the status command, here is what I get .


#show telnet sever status

rbridge-id 1: Telnet server status:Enabled


How do I disable telnet. I can't find any other command to that. Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Disable telnet on a VDX6740

Try to add (under rbridge-id 1):


telnet server use-vrf default-vrf shutdown
telnet server use-vrf mgmt-vrf shutdown

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