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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Design/inter-site connectivity question (10Gb/s)

Good day All,

- Let's say I have a situation in which I have 4 physical sites. With 3 sites to be connected independently to the 4th central site.

- The longest distance between any 2 sites is about 35KM (the other 2 sites are about 10KM from the central site).
- There will be dark fiber provided between the sites and the requirement calls for at least 10Gb/s connnection between the sites.
- The servers at each location will at a maximum have 10Gbe Ethernet cards for LAN connectivity (if possible, the same switches should accomodate the LAN connection for both the servers and the ISL between the sites). The idea is to extend the LAN between sites.
For simplicity, if we consider only the 2 sites with 35KM between them (I am assuming the same or lower config will apply to the 10KM links):
1. Which swicth models, SFP model (for the ISL), licenses (I assume the Extended Fabric License will be needed), and the nm rating for the fiber link will be suitable for this setup?
2. A related question, what is the longest distance supported for ISL without requiring the "Extended Fabric License"?
Thank you very much.
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Re: Design/inter-site connectivity question (10Gb/s)

First off you use the term LAN and I didn't find the SAN abbriviation in your post.

However the term's ISL Extended Fabrics and the fact you posted in the DataCenter SAN forum instead of ethernet would suggest you have a question about SAN's. On the other hand you've linked the Ethernet SFP pdf and are talking about 10Gbit speeds, which is possible in LAN and SAN.

Therefor my question is, are you talking about cennecting SAN's, LAN's or possibly both?

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Re: Design/inter-site connectivity question (10Gb/s)

Apologies for not being completely clear. I am talking about 10Gb/s Ethernet LAN.

The reason I put it under SAN is because I assumed the switches will be connected via inter-site fiber (which of course does not make it a SAN!).

As I said before, this is for extending a 10Gb/s LAN between multiple sites.

Thank you.

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