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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Dell 8428-K / Brocade 8000

Hello -


Have have a Dell blade chassis with an 8428-K switch which is kind of a stripped down Brocade 8000 in chassis module form.


We had been running it in a converged fasion, but we would like to convert it to a pure Ethernet configuration.


Does anybody have any sample configs for what we should do to make it Ethernet only?





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Re: Dell 8428-K / Brocade 8000

The 10G Port on Brocade 8000 can be used as traditional Ethernet Port, there is no conversion required.


However if any CEE = Converged Enhanced Ethernet config is activated, the port's cannot be used for traditional Ethernet.


If any you must remove the config.

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Re: Dell 8428-K / Brocade 8000

Thanks for the reply.  I guess what i am asking is "how do i get rid of the CEE, or FCoE part of the config?"  Specifically - pretent you're talking to a 5th grader.  :)


it is indeed working now, but i'd like to configure it for just ethernet and get rid of the rest of the junk.

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