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DS-300B management port connected to a VDX6710 port

Hi all!


First of all - I am quite new to Brocade switches and fabrich actually, so maybe this is a dumb question. Please forgive me if so. ;)


I´d like to connect the management port of a Connectrix DS300B to a VDX6710 port which is set to "switchport". Unfortunately I don´t get a link when I do so. If I connect a different device (i.e. laptop or something) to the same port everything is well. If I connect the management port to another switch (tiny SMB thingy) then everything´s ok.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: DS-300B management port connected to a VDX6710 port

Your Connectrix DS300B has probably an 10/100M management port but the VDX6710 is fixed at 1000M/1GE on his TX ports. I stumbled upon this fact some weeks ago and was a little bit frustrated too.

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