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DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710

We were sold these switches as a 'core router' replacement.  So we've been struggling to make them work for what we need - little by little patches have been released adding 'core' functionality to them. 


The one we are struggling with right now is plain old DHCP.  The latest release for these gives IP Helper functionality - however we are still struggling with DHCP issues. 


Has anyone successfully deployed the IP Helper functionality on the VDX line?  If you have multiple RB's, did you apply it to just RB1? 



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Re: DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710

This should be fixed now. They released NOS 4.1.2a. I've been using it for 3 weeks now. I haven't had any problems this far. You have to add the DHCP Relay commands to both RBridges. 

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Re: DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710

sorry to hijack this thread, but does this also apply in virtual interfaces? 


coming from the juniper virtual chassis mode, I am trying to get a better understanding of how virtual vlan interfaces work in the VDX/NOS


i am using two VDX in VCS distributed config mode, but it seems that each rbridge maintains its own list of ve's?

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Re: DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710


each vdx/rb can have own Ve's and helpers on the Ve. Currently we use 4.1.2 with four routers in two fabs and two Logical Chassis and having one subnet with dhcp. Ss far as i know we have no issues (currently) ..

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Re: DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710


I already have this issue, fixe was release in 4.1.2  

DefectedID: DEFECT000498679


Thank you

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Re: DHCP issues VDX 6720 & 6710

We´re still facing the issue on VDX6720 and 4.1.3.b.

We use VE interfaces with configured DHCP relay addresses. But we do not receive any request, regarding the show outputs.

As soon as we put a "real" DHCP-server into the subnets it works like a charm.

But not with use of VCS.


How is this feature such a problem for Brocade?

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