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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Connecting two VDX6740



Sorry for the noob question, but say I have two 6740T-1Gs that are interconnected over FortyGigabitEthernet X/0/49 and X/0/50 interfaces.


Do I need to configure a LAG and inject all VLANs? Right now all ports are configured as:


 fabric isl enable
 fabric trunk enable
 no shutdown



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Re: Connecting two VDX6740

The port config you have shown is the default, and that is all that is required on ports between VDXs for a fabric to form. All VLANs are automatically transported across the fabric. LAGs are only required when doing multi-link connections to classical Ethernet devices.

As long as the two VDXs have the same VCS ID, unique rbridge IDs and the same NOS release then a fabric will form. Enter "show fabric isl" on the CLI of both boxes, and each should be seeing the other over the interfaces you used (as long as they're up/up of course)




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Re: Connecting two VDX6740



Actually it depends on your requirement, if you want both the switches in a single VCS fabric, you do not need to configure LAG neither you need to pass any VLANs, they are automatically configured globally.


but if you want that both the switches to work individually, then you need to remove ISL trunking configuration and you can make Port-channel or a trunk port and pass VLANs.

Umair Khan Patel

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