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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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Connecting a VCS Ethernet Fabric to a Fibre Channel Fabric

Brocade has announced availability of the VDX 6730 Data Center Switch and Brocade Network Operating System (NOS) 2.1.  The VDX 6730 can connect the VDX 6720 and newly announced VDX 6710 switches forming a VCS Ethernet fabric with connectivity to a native Fibre Channel fabric.

The Brocade VDX 6730 supports all the standard features and benefits of VCS fabric technology:

  • Automated Migration of Port Profiles (AMPP)
  • VMware Network Automation
  • Lossless fabric links with DCB
  • Automatic formation of 10 GE ISL links
  • Automatic formation of Brocade ISL Trunks
  • Brocade virtual LAG (vLAG) to other devices (servers, switches, routers) for resiliency and high availability.

The VDX 6730 supports an FCoE Fibre Channel Forwarder (FCF) on 10GE ports and Fibre Channel ports capable of 2/4/8 Gbps link rates.  Inside a VCS Ethernet fabric, FCoE traffic can co-exist on the same ISL or Brocade ISL Trunk as IP traffic.  So, a VCS Ethernet fabric allows FCoE traffic to span multiple VDX switches (called multi-hop FCoE) between the server and the storage array.  Including a VDX 6730 in a VCS fabric provides connectivity to Fibre Channel fabrics and storage.

VDX 6730 Data Center Switches

The VDX 6730 Data Center Switch is available in two models, the 1U 6730-32 and the 2U 6730-76.

VDX 6730-32 Switch.bmp

VDX 6730-32 Switch

VDX 6730-76 Switch.bmp

VDX 6730-76 Switch

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