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Connecting Brocade VCS to Cisco 6500

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I am in the process of replacing all the layer 2 switches with mixture of VDX 6740 & 6740T. Currently all internal as well as external routing are done by Cisco 6500. Putting all the VDXs into logical chassis mode. Switches are in mesh topology. I want to keep it simple for easy management. Two 10 G links connecting to 6500 from the Brocade VCS.


                          Cisco 6500

                                 /    \

                          Brocade VCS


                  10 G    /              \    10 G

                       6740           6740


My question:

 2 20 G interfaces from two different 6740 in Brocade VCS to Cisco 6500 - aggregating these two links using vLAG enough or STP is requird?


I am a network noob.


Any inputs appreicated.



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Re: Connecting Brocade VCS to Cisco 6500


A vLAG would be sufficient.  You would only need to run STP as a protection mechanism against unintentional loops.  If the vLAG is configured properly then you shouldn't have any loop.

VCS also has an edge loop detection technology which can also be used to mitigate against unintentional loops in the network.


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