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Ethernet Fabric (VDX, CNA)

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CEE map & AMPP QoS profile in VCS

Hi all,

Could you please help me clarify the following?

VDX configuration referred:

1   (config)#cee-map default
2   (config-cee-map-default)#priority-table 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 15.0
3   (config-cee-map-default)#priority-group-table 0 weight 50 pfc on
4   (config-cee-map-default)#priority-group-table 1 weight 50 pfc off
5   (config-cee-map)#end

6   (config)#qos map cos-traffic-class vm1-cos2traffic-map 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 15.0

7   (config)#port-profile vm1-port-profile
8   (config-port-profile-vm1-port-profile)#qos-profile
9   (config-qos-profile)#cee default
10  (config-qos-profile)#qos cos 1
11  (config-qos-profile)#qos trust cos
12  (config-qos-profile)#qos cos-traffic-class vm1-cos2traffic-map
13  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 0 tx off rx off
14  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 1 tx off rx off
15  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 2 tx off rx off
16  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 3 tx off rx off
17  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 4 tx off rx off
18  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 5 tx on rx on
19  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 6 tx off rx off
20  (config-qos-profile)#qos flowcontrol pfc 7 tx off rx off

Q1:In the above configuration of AMPP QoS profile,
  do the commands "qos cos-traffic-class"(12) and "qos flow control"(13-20)
  overwrite the settings done by "priority-table"(2) and "priority-group-table"(3-4)
  commands in cee-map default global config?
Q2:If so,
   a)does it carry the weight configuration to qos profile from cee-map?
   b)should the configuration from line 12-20 be same for the qos profile of all the port profiles?
Q3:Does the pfc configuration in "priority-group-table"(3-4) apply to both tx and rx?
Q4:Does the "qos cos 1"(10) command apply default cos only to VMs associated

     (not to the switch interface)to this particular port profile?



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