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Broke VDX6740 by Upgrading to NOS 5.0.0 via USB

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hi all!


i attempted to upgrade NOS 4.0.1 to 5.0.0 via USB on a VDX6740 (firmware download usb directory nos501) which of couse wasn't such a smart thing to do, as nos5.0.0_releasenotes_v3.0 p. 43 says


"NOTE: There is a known issue with upgrades via USB failing on VDX6740. This will be fixed in NOS5.0.1 release. Upgrade to VDX6740 does not work via USB and only supported via FTP/SCP/SFTP from a server".


I just missed reading that line and -first- the upgrade looked like it went through just fine:


Firmware name:      5.0.0
Build Time:         00:16:40 Aug 29, 2014
Install Time:       10:52:06 Nov 10, 2014


That's why I went on invoking firmware download usb directory nos501 to upgrade further to NOS version 5.0.1, but the switch refuses to do so saying:

Performing system sanity check...
Firmwaredownload failed because another session is running.

 Although show firmwaredownloadstatus outputs nothing and show firmwaredownloadhistory says:

Sno   Date & Time                      Switch Name                      Slot PID    OS Version
1     Mon Nov 10 10:49:38 2014         VDX6740                          0    1817   5.0.0
2     Tue Aug 26 14:40:53 2014         sw0                              0    1817   4.0.1


The problem now is: Somewhere on the way (when trying to install 5.0.1) the firmware (5.0.0) got commited and synced, hence copied to primary and secondary partitions:

Slot    Name    Primary/Secondary Versions                         Status
SW/0    NOS     5.0.0                                              ACTIVE*


Whatever I do now to get away from 5.0.0 (regardless in which direction - down or up, regardless from which source - usb, ftp), i'm stuck with "Firmwaredownload failed because another session is running".


Also, some (i think undocumented) output started to appear on the serial console repeatedly..

disk->start 7665663  cmd->start 0 nstart 7665663 disk name /vsmgr/vd@usb0/vda01
create_new_partition_table part_no 2 no_of_parts 2
[3] hcall_guestctl GUEST_PANIC_STATE: calling system_reset due to guest_in_repeated_panic = 366
[3] restart_guest_remap: self is calling remap_restart_unc due to standby and hcall_partition_restart_ha.
[2] loading binary image from 0x79fff000 to 0x3000000
[2] Loading uImage from 0x78000000 to 0
[2] branching to guest p2-linux, 2 cpus

 .. with "guest_in_repeated_panic = 366" incrementing every time these few lines get printed (started from 0 or 1, incrementing overnight, now printed for the 366th time).



So.. did i broke it?  Have you got any idea on how to fix (e.g. how to get a working, upgradeable firmware on) this? Any help would be appreciated!


The switch runs in local-mode and was freshly unpacked from factory. Let me know if you need additional (support-) output etc.


Thanks in advance!



Could firmware install command be helpful here? Any experiences?

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Re: Broke VDX6740 by Upgrading to NOS 5.0.0 via USB

There is a known bug in 5.0.0 NOS regarding this !

5.0.0 NOS is a beta version only !!

For production you should mandatory use 5.0.1.latest


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